1996 VA AAA Team Results


I double checked my sources on the 1996 team results and have a correction to report.  The way our wrestling history has been recorded, some kind soul posts results on the web and there they sit for years… and become FACT.  Well, in this case I should have compared it to the VHSL record, because they at least report the top two teams (though points for 2nd place are not correct). Our mission is to gather, report, and verify a complete record of the history of Virginia wrestling.

So to set the record straight, here’s the full list of team finishes – from 1st to 71st for AAA in 1996 – with thanks to Mike Johnson.

Place School Points
1st Great Bridge (E) 162
2nd Stonewall Jackson (NW) 85
3rd Western Branch (E) 71.5
4th First Colonial (E) 63.5
5th Hylton (NW) 63
6th Gloucester (E) 54.5
7th Franklin County (NW) 50
8th Churchland (E) 46
9th Tallwood (E) 44.5
10th Fairfax (N) 43.5
11th Oscar Smith (E) 42
12th Hayfield (N) 40.5
13th Annandale (N) 36
14th Woodbridge (NW) 34
15th Atlee (C) 33
16th Herndon (N) 30
Lee-Davis (C) 30
18th Monacan (C) 29.5
19th South Lakes (N) 29
20th Granby (E) 28.5
21st Cox (E) 27
Hopewell (C) 27
23rd Brooke Point (NW) 25.5
24th Hampton (E) 24
25th Indian River (E) 23
26th Maury (E) 22
Patrick Henry-Ashland (C) 22
28th Halifax County (NW) 20
McLean (N) 20
West Springfield (N) 20
31st Mills Godwin (C) 19
North Stafford (NW) 19
33rd Deep Creek (E) 18
Robinson (N) 18
35th Stuart (N) 16
36th Kempsville (E) 15
Lake Taylor (E) 15
Ocean Lakes (E) 15
39th Hermitage (C) 14
40th Pulaski County (NW) 13
41st Douglas Freeman (C) 12
Tabb (E) 12
43rd Manchester (C) 11
44th Osbourn Park (NW) 10
Thomas Dale (C) 10
46th Prince George (C) 9.5
47th Green Run (E) 9
L. C. Bird (C) 9
49th Salem (E) 8.5
50th Clover Hill (C) 8
51st E. C. Glass (NW) 7
Gar-Field (NW) 7
53rd West Potomac (N) 5
54th Albemarle (NW) 4
T.C. Williams (N) 4
William Fleming (NW) 4
57th Varina (C) 3.5
58th Huguenot (C) 3
Kellam (E) 3
Langley (N) 3
Lee (N) 3
Menchville (E) 3
Potomac (NW) 3
Stafford (NW) 3
Yorktown (N) 3
66th Denbigh (E) 2
Madison (N) 2
Oakton (N) 2
Washington-Lee (N) 2
70th Petersburg (C) 1
71st Bethel (E) 0
Cave Spring (NW) 0
Centreville (N) 0
Dinwiddie (C) 0
Highland Springs (C) 0
James River (C) 0
Lake Braddock (N) 0
Midlothian (C) 0
Mount Vernon (N) 0
W. T. Woodson (N) 0

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