2000 Northern Region Wrestling Tournament w/District and State Placewinners

The year was 2000, the turn of the century and new possibilities abounded, but not much ever changes among northern Virginia wrestling coaches.  When you look at the results, the names of the past, present, and future are all in here.  Each one giving back to their school, community and America by passing on what they learned to the next generation.  

Names like Chuck Hoskins at his alma mater Annandale, before going to the top at Westfield; Bryan Hazard at his old school, putting his time in before he won three state championships; Roy Hill at his alma mater winning the region championship this year; Scott Brooks from Yorktown, a small school but always near the top; Karl Spinnenweber who produced some of the toughest kids and teams on the planet at Herndon; Harry Van Trees who made Oakton a contender; some Hall of Fame coaches like Paul Labazzetta from W.T. Woodson and Mitch Sutterfield from Fairfax.

The list goes on to other great men and ‘lifers’ like James Mon, Gary Embrey and current coaches, such as, Scott Matheny, Phil Cronin, Jeff Humphries  and Todd Reynolds who sacrifice to train kids to be champions in life. But it’s all worth it when you see the wrestlers you trained show up years later to come back and coach. Wrestlers like Paul Bjorlo from this 2000 class, who now coaches at James Madison HS.

Wrestling always comes full circle, so when you get the chance, give back to the sport that helped make you who you are today.

I’d love to hear the stories or any updates to these records. Post your comments on where they are now, whether they be wrestlers or coaches.


Weight District Region State First Name Last Name School
103 L1 1st 6th Stephen Barksdale James Madison
103 L2 2nd Jon Stryker Fairfax
103 P1 3rd 5th Daniel Vucci Lake Braddock
103 P3 4th Johnny Tran Annandale
103 N1 5th Son Nguyen Falls Church
103 P2 6th David Gitlin West Springfield
112 C1 1st Eric Amstutz Oakton
112 P1 2nd Larry Oufiero James Robinson
112 P3 3rd Payton Lamb Lake Braddock
112 P2 4th Gabe Resto Hayfield
112 C2 5th Mikey Kecman Herndon
112 N2 6th Stephen Strasburg Yorktown
119 C1 1st Jason Smith Centreville
119 P1 2nd Jose Martinez Hayfield
119 L1 3rd 6th David Friedman George C. Marshall
119 L2 4th Nathan Thomas W.T. Woodson
119 C4 5th Aaron McIlwee Chantilly
119 C3 6th Scott Massie Oakton
125 P1 1st 4th Pat Cronin West Potomac
125 C1 2nd 6th Jay O’Donnell Oakton
125 L1 3rd Adam Thomas W.T. Woodson
125 L2 4th Brian Wilson R.E. Lee – Spr
125 P3 5th Mike Cassidy Lake Braddock
125 C4 6th James Burkart South Lakes
130 N1 1st Mike Strasburg Yorktown
130 L1 2nd 3rd Kia Kianersi Fairfax
130 C1 3rd Mark Moore Centreville
130 N2 4th Richard Portillo Falls Church
130 P1 5th Ben Rogers Hayfield
130 C3 6th Tyler Marquardt Chantilly
135 P1 1st 1st Steve Keleher Lake Braddock
135 C1 2nd John Koch Centreville
135 N1 3rd 5th John Burton Yorktown
135 P2 4th Geoff Meno Hayfield
135 L2 5th Quentin Caruthers Fairfax
135 C3 6th Eric Zakrzewski Herndon
140 N1 1st 2nd Will Carroll Washington-Lee
140 P2 2nd Mike Vachon James Robinson
140 P1 3rd Jason Howard Hayfield
140 C1 4th David Zakrzewski Herndon
140 N2 5th Abraham Alvarenga Thomas Edison
140 L1 6th Troy Coleman Fairfax
145 P1 1st Pat Rooney Hayfield
145 L1 2nd 6th Chris Ward James Madison
145 N2 3rd Cedric Bryant Thomas Edison
145 C1 4th Tyson Leroy Chantilly
145 N1 5th Brian Marlow Yorktown
145 P3 6th Nate Wilson Lake Braddock
152 C1 1st 3rd Paul Bjorlo South Lakes
152 P4 2nd Ed Pickering West Potomac
152 P2 3rd 5th Kyle Burney Annandale
152 P3 4th Jared Hoke West Springfield
152 C3 5th Jordan Gibb Oakton
152 P1 6th Nate Kennedy Hayfield
160 N1 1st 5th Peter Zafros Yorktown
160 C1 2nd 6th Chris Burton Oakton
160 C2 3rd Matt Wood Centreville
160 P2 4th Mark O’Hair T.C. Williams
160 P1 5th Mark Malone Lake Braddock
160 P3 6th Ryan Fassnacht James Robinson
171 P1 1st 3rd Tomas Ovalle Hayfield
171 C2 2nd Abdul Lowe Herndon
171 N1 3rd John Dennis Mount Vernon
171 P2 4th Christian Joun James Robinson
171 C1 5th Mike Wheatley Oakton
171 P3 6th Rory Virostko West Springfield
189 P1 1st Brandon Fields Annandale
189 P3 2nd Matt Fassnacht James Robinson
189 C1 3rd Dan Coghlan Herndon
189 P2 4th Pack Landfair West Springfield
189 C2 5th Ian Reynolds Centreville
189 N1 6th Kevin Keyes Yorktown
215 N1 1st 1st Shaun Herring Thomas Edison
215 P1 2nd Dirk Whitaker James Robinson
215 C2 3rd Tom Coghlan Herndon
215 P2 4th Brian McLain West Springfield
215 L2 5th Mike Tatum Fairfax
215 P4 6th Carl Clyburn Annandale
HWT L1 1st 2nd Chris Ward Fairfax
HWT P1 2nd 3rd Floyd Wright Hayfield
HWT L2 3rd 5th Najib Gerdak R.E. Lee – Spr
HWT P3 4th Robert Dennis West Potomac
HWT C1 5th Scott Randolph South Lakes
HWT C3 6th Grant Maxfield Thomas Jefferson-S&T


Weight District Region State School Points Coach
Team P1 1st 5th Hayfield 167.5 Roy Hill
Team 2nd 8th Fairfax 118.5 Mitch Sutterfield
Team N1 3rd 19th Yorktown 116 Scott Brooks
Team C2 4th 28th Oakton 115.5 Harry Van Trees
Team 5th 46th James Robinson 112.5 Bryan Hazard
Team 6th 14th Lake Braddock 106 Chris Moran
Team C3 7th 41st Centreville 102 John Sloan
Team C1 8th 63rd Herndon 95 Karl Spinnenweber
Team L1 9th 29th James Madison 82 Andrew Maoury
Team 10th 36th Annandale 72.5 Chuck Hoskins
Team 11th 26th West Potomac 66.5 Rick Seipp
Team 12th 53rd West Springfield 62 Gary Embrey
Team 13th 22nd Thomas Edison 54 Scott Matheny
Team 14th 40th R.E. Lee – Spr 52 Joe Radun
Team  C5 15th 30th South Lakes 51 Steven Williams
Team  C4 16th 66th Chantilly 44.5 Michael Mukai
Team 17th 53rd W.T. Woodson 37 Paul Labazzetta
Team 18th 48th George C. Marshall 35 Phil Cronin
Team 19th 67th Falls Church 29.5 Mike Byers
Team 20th 26th Washington-Lee 29 James Mon
Team 21st 58th T.C. Williams 26 Alan El Tagi
Team 22nd 53rd Mount Vernon 20 Todd Reynolds
Team 23rd Langley 15 Kevin Shea
Team  C6 24th Thomas Jefferson-S&T 13 Mike Kloehn
Team 25th Wakefield 4.5 Jeff Humphries
Team 26th J.E.B. Stuart 3 Chris Strope
Team 27th McLean 1 Hollis Brown

If you have any updates to how the teams finished in districts, please post or send to jack@jackclark.com

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