Denbigh Not Dinwiddie

An update.  Thanks to your help we are able to make another verified update to the illustrious record of Virginia Wrestling.  In 1993, Kyle Hathaway went to Denbigh High School not Dinwiddie.  The number of placewinners has been corrected for each school as well.

We were able to contact Kyle and he not only confirmed that he went to Denbigh, he can pronounce it correctly as well.  It’s “Den-bee”!  (Sorry, I had to ask myself).

We Found Matt Pruett

Thanks to Facts and Stats legend Mike Johnson for being the first to report that the 1993 130lb 4th place medalist, Mike Pruett went to Frank W. Cox High School.

We verified this through several sources and can report that Mike is living large at the beach these days –

This changes the medal count for Cox, which we’ve updated to 162. This still keeps them solidly in third place in the Eastern Region.

As our big winner, it would be nice to send Mike a copy of the book, but he already has one!  So it looks like we’ll be buying Mike lunch or some suitable food treat to enjoy.

Number of State Placers by School by Region from 1949-2013

Here are some stats to help everyone appreciate all those that came before us.  It’s a breakdown of the number of state placers by school and region from the Virginia state wrestling tournaments from 1949 to 1970 when we had one division and follows the AAA results from 1971 to 2013.  Note that this includes data from many schools that are currently A, AA or private schools. Continue reading

1966 Steve Carlan – RE Lee NOT Washington-Lee

Folks, we have a correction!  In 1966, the official report from the state wrestling tournament lists “Carlan” as the runner up in the 138lb weight class and attending “W-L” as in Washington-Lee HS in Arlington, VA.  Thanks to the careful eye of Coach Reed from Annandale, who pointed out that Steve Carlan went to RE Lee HS in Springfield, VA.  We dug a little deeper to verify and here’s the proof – the 1966 RE Lee HS yearbook entry with the facts!

Steve Carlan

This is just why we put this book out – to establish a full and verified record of all those that have gone before us.  We need to remember and honor the past.

Please send any corrections, assertions, first names, spelling mistakes, etc. to  It is our passion to set the record straight!

History of Virginia Wrestling 1949-2012


We have just released the first edition of The History of Virginia Wrestling.  This publication  provides, for the first time ever, a comprehensive listing of the state champions and state placers for Virginia high school wrestling.

From 1949 to 1970, the state had one state tournament for all schools, including the private schools.  Starting in 1970, the state was divided in three divisions (AAA, AA, A) for the public schools and the private schools developed their own league (VISAA).  This book covers the combined states from 1949-1970 and follows the AAA division from 1971-2012. We’ll be releasing other divisions in the near future.

History of Virginia Wrestling 1949-2012